The Sweetest Macaron Hair Color Trend 2016


Hair patterns come and go, but one of the best recent trends is the sweetest macaron hair color trend 2016. There are so many different things you can do with hair dye, and there is a multitude of ways to create chic, fun looks depending on what you like, but hair stylist and colorist Shelley Gregory has created her style, which she dubbed “sweetest macaron hair color trend.” The stylist is from Las Vegas, Nevada’s Atelier by Square Salon, and drew her inspiration from the Ladurée macaron and pastry shop, which can be found in Paris.

The Sweetest Macaron Hair Color Trend 2016

“I went there a some years ago and I remember liking the color palette,” Gregory said in an interview with Cosmopolitan. “Everything from the crown molding and the way they launch the macarons it sticks to you.” Knowing where Gregory drew her inspiration, you can see how it played out in the execution process. As long as the look is executed professionally, the variety of colors can improve your overall look, giving you a truly unique hairstyle. It is a large palette for your favorite looks from any season since the macaron hair colors trends would look fabulous against any season’s backdrop.

Winter is an ideal season for this hair, however, since it will look stunning with a snowy backdrop, and against the softer tones you often wear for the season. But it is inexplicably diverse since it’s not confined to that one time. “It’s kind of like Disneyland, where it’s magic,” Gregory continued. “I needed that feeling when you look at this hair.” And she succeeded in that goal. The macaron hair color trend can bring out the inner-child in any woman. There is something so magical about the way the locks fall into place amid the rainbow created, and it adds an element of mysticism that is sometimes so severely lacking in adulthood.

The Sweetest Macaron Hair Color Trend 2016 The Sweetest Macaron Hair Color Trend 2016 The Sweetest Macaron Hair Color Trend 2016

It’s a look little girls will look at in awe, and adult women will be able to appreciate it if they’re not rocking it themselves. “sweetest macaron hair color trend” is created by using seven colors: blue, mint green, purple, pink, silver, and yellow. This look was first started on Gregory’s Instagram page, and she decided to disclose further her intentions with creating a look like this. “You see rainbow hair, but it’s too much,” she began. “I wanted it to be a toned-down rainbow. This explains why she took inspiration in the Paris pastry shop. And we’re so happy she did because this haircut can be stunning.

The Sweetest Macaron Hair Color Trend 2016 The Sweetest Macaron Hair Color Trend 2016 The Sweetest Macaron Hair Color Trend 2016

Women have been trying to execute fun, rainbow hairstyles, as Gregory said, but often lack the sense of sophistication that this look can achieve. The use of pastel colors tones down the rainbow-effect while still giving a great amount of unique color. The candy macaron hair color pattern brings “party hairstyle” to a completely new level. You may stress over what the perfect hairstyle would be for a holiday party, and this could offer the ideal outlet. Its fun, it’s colorful, but just enough so. It’s a look you can use to be the star of the party, but also for a simple day out to run errands. But, if you’re looking for an only fun look, Gregory suggests combining glitter to your roots, by mixing glitter with hair gel and using a simple paintbrush or blush brush to apply it directly.


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