Panorama: “New York’s Coachella Festival”


Panorama Festival 2016 – Toward the end of last year there were bits of gossip about the Coachella music festival occurring in New York, and now there is something strong for us to get a handle on. Makers for the celebration Goldenvoice and guardian organization AEG have affirmed that their arrangements will push ahead; the recently named Panorama Music Festival 2016 will be held at Randall’s Island Park in New York from July 22 to 24. The celebration was initially wanted to happen in Queens, New York, at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in June, but Governors Ball, another NY music festival association, requested of to refuse this from happening.

Panorama - New York’s Coachella Festival

“While we are cheered by the enthusiasm for one of Queens’ memorable parks, our essential concern is guaranteeing the recreation center is accessible for the many New Yorkers who call Flushing Meadows Corona Park their lawn,” Silver told NY Daily News. He likewise said that there has never been a multiday celebration held in the recreation center, so the expansion would have been extraordinary for the New York precinct. Mark Shulman, maker for Goldenvoice, asserted in a public statement for Panorama’s subtle elements that his organization won’t be abandoning the possibility of delivering a “world class occasion” in Queen, in any case. Notwithstanding the area, Shulman trusts the celebration will bear achievement.

Panorama - New York’s Coachella Festival

“We anticipate conveying Panorama to New York City and presenting another celebration that showcases today’s top Panorama Music Festival 2016,” he started in an announcement to Billboard. “We’re focused on making an occasion that will give critical advantages to New York City with the level of experience and careful meticulousness for which Goldenvoice is known.” The Governors Ball Music Festival has been every year held at Randall’s Island Park in June for as far back as six years, so this year Panorama will be held in the same spot. Governors Ball is not exactly excited about Panorama’s turn to this area, as coordinators consider it to be a “foolish and baffling arrangement.”

Panorama - New York’s Coachella Festival

“The city needs a long haul system for supporting music celebrations that guarantees it is augmenting the financial and group effect of these occasions,” said Tom Russell, fellow benefactor of Governors Ball. “Planning two same-type celebrations on top of every like this makes it troublesome for either to give the most extreme advantage to its fans, its neighbors, and citizens.” Naturally, Shulman was requested that issue a reaction to the next association’s worries, thus he turned out with his very own announcement. “We don’t share that perspective. New York City has 12.5 million inhabitants, in addition to a huge number of residential and universal guests, who keep our numerous games, enclosures, music, venues, galleries, theaters, and eateries at limit every night.

Panorama - New York’s Coachella Festival

“NYC supports different music festivals and Panorama will add one extra amusement alternative over the late spring. We trust all the many fastivals here can exist together, flourish, and have long haul accomplishment.” There is certainly legitimacy to both organizations’ announcements, so the central element will be the achievement of every celebration this year. The city has as of now needed to scratch off such a variety of option rock music festivals, for example, All Points West, Field Day, and Vineland, so we’re simply seeking both of these can coincide after the time. With the regard that AEG/Goldenvoice has, there’s a chance that Governors Ball will be snuffed out, paying little heed to its lineup. For the current year, the festival’s lineup incorporates Kanye West, Beck, The Killers, The Strokes, Death Cab for Cutie, HAIM, CHVRCHES, M83, Robyn, Father John Misty, and Jamie xx.

Panorama - New York’s Coachella Festival

There are some awesome demonstrations here, so we’re wanting to see a harmony between Governors Ball and Panorama. Starting yet, there is no official lineup of entertainers for the Panorama celebration, however rejoined rock band LCD Soundsystem will be one of the main events, as per Consequence of Sound. So insofar as you’re willing to spend the suspected $400 or so for a ticket, thnd neighborhood nourishment offerings,” as per Shulman.

Panorama - New York’s Coachella Festival Panorama - New York’s Coachella Festival Panorama - New York’s Coachella Festival Panorama - New York’s Coachella Festival


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