Mac Cosmetic and Makeup Collection for Women


From many Shades of Grey to an enchanting Mac makeup collection obviously, we are talking about the British singer and multi-instrumentalist Ellie Goulding, who has recently spread the word about teaming up with the popular cosmetics brand MAC launching the MAC cosmetic and makeup collection. The lineup, all soaked with nude, beige and peachy colors, features an array of beauty products starting from eye shadows and lip colors to brow pencils and false eyelashes.

Housed in classic sleek black cases with golden EL initials framed in a triangular form on it, the limited edition Mac makeup collection will be available online starting on December 14, 2015, while you will be capable of purchasing your desired products from stores beginning on December 17. Check out the elegant collection here and you will not face any problems while selecting Christmas gifts!

The round black case may find you positively excited when opened since one single case will provide you with whole two products with two different textures. The duo includes warm matte bronzer and satin peachy pink blush that glide on the face smoothly and evenly. By the way, the bronzer comes to take more space in the case than the blush. Check out the MAC cosmetic and makeup collection below:

MAC Drops ($21.00) (Limited Edition)

This liquid luster of blue-pink color with gold pearl will not only give your face a healthy and fresh look but will also provide it mind-boosting radiation from the inside. The liquid substance glides very smoothly whether with a brush or with fingers. You can even try a little applying it, on the whole, body as well.

The face palette including four warm-shaded eye shadows and a blush will be right up your alley if you have decided to go all elegant and romantic for the upcoming Christmas soirees. The eye shadows of all peachy-beige colors will enhance and soften your eyes while the pinky orange blush will perfectly contour your cheekbones giving them a natural flush. Check the palette here:

Mac Cosmetic and Makeup Collection for Women

  • Starry Eyed Eye Shadow – high cream pearl (frost)
  • Everything Eye Color– mid-tone peachy brown (matte)
  • Hanging On Eye Shadow – muted plum brown (satin)
  • Saddle Eye Shadow – golden orange-brown (matte)
  • This Love Cream Base – pinky orange (Pearl)

MAC Halcyon Days Palette ($44.00) (Limited Edition)

With the MAC cosmetic and makeup collection, you will also get your hands on a pretty eye shadow palette able of filling your working days with fresh new vibes and feelings. Four different eye shadows with different polishes are effectively replenished with medium dark powder. Check out the MAC cosmetic and makeup collection below:

This two-ended brow pencil of muted beige-taupe color is an ideal option for sculpting expressive and super-even brows while the little brush on another end will effectively contribute your touch-up procedures.

Mac Cosmetic and Makeup Collection for Women

  • Root Cream Base – red, taupe brown w/shimmer
  • Tint Cream Base – soft peachy brown w/shimmer
  • Wished I Stayed Cream Base – light cream pearl
  • Every Time You Go Cream Base – creamy peachy pink
  • Medium Dark Blot Powder – Medium dark
  • Strawberry Blonde soft muted beige-taupe

MAC Lip Pencil ($21.00) (Limited Edition)

The new lineup also includes two colors of iconic MAC Patent Polish Lip Pencil. The nude beige and creamy peach soft pencils are to be used as lip balms, lip coloring, and contouring methods, giving them with instant and long-term hydration.

The MAC cosmetic and makeup collection also bring about two crème sheen lipsticks of mid-tone coral and warm seashell pink shades that allow for easy and flawless coating with ultimate comfort. Check the lipsticks below:

Mac Cosmetic and Makeup Collection for Women

  • Innocent – nude beige
  • Revved Up – creamy peach
  • Only You – muted mid-tone coral (crème sheen)
  • Without Your Love – warm seashell pink (crème sheen)

MAC Ellie Goulding Plushglass ($21.00) (Limited Edition)

Lip enhancing process kicks it into higher gear with MAC Ellie Goulding Plushglass lip-glosses of two warm light and creamy pinky peach shades that will lead you to festive looks. Check out the Mac makeup collection below:

Mac Cosmetic and Makeup Collection for Women

  • Explosion – light golden shimmer
  • Goodness – creamy pinky peach

MAC Fluidline ($16.50) (Limited Edition)

The black fluid line will provide your eyes a soft, satin finish, the effect of which will last for the super long period. The mascara brings about a dual-wiper system for either defined or voluminous lashes and in both cases you will enjoy the light feathery feeling.

Mac Cosmetic and Makeup Collection for Women

  • Blacktrack – solid flat black

MAC Lash ($18.00) (Limited Edition)

The lineup has another unique present for you. If you have short natural lashes and have forever dreamt of long ones, the MAC Ellie Goulding lineup has a solution for you. Take one of the two 20-lash or 30-lash natural-looking options and you will forget the “False Lash” idea.

Mac Cosmetic and Makeup Collection for Women

MAC Ellie Goulding Makeup Brushes

The lineup is also asking you to get your hands on professional brushes and finally grasp the concept of flawless MAC cosmetic and makeup collection. Check what type of brushes is gently speaking to you:

Mac Cosmetic and Makeup Collection for Women


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